best smart home devices

Best Smart Home Devices

  • 29 November, 2021
  • Ryan Li

Smart home devices are used for a myriad of reasons. One thing they have in common is they aim to simplify our lives in both little or big ways. One way smart home devices can improve lives is through sustainability.

A recent study led by Southern Cross University revealed encouraging findings concerning Americans’ commitment to living a sustainable lifestyle. 

The study included 913 people in America and Australia, and it reflected cross-generational findings. The study’s main objective was to determine how engaged citizens in both nations are regarding the environment and the action steps they’re taking to protect the planet. 

The results revealed that 77% of the participants have a desire to learn more about sustainable lifestyles. Furthermore, most people have already taken steps to become greener:

sustainability devices

83% of the participants recycle

57.5% use reusable bags

45.2% avoid single-use plastics

All of this is good news for the environment! Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be predicated on grand, sweeping gestures. It includes the small, daily choices we make as individuals right now. It’s encouraging that people around us—in our own country and abroad—are also willing to do their part. 

ReVert Tech is doing its part through the invention of the best smartplug outlet for sustainability—the energy saving Teak Smart Power Cube.

The Best Smart Home Device for Energy Savings

According to a study reported at Energy Live News, there has been a 90% decline in plastic bags since 2015. This is an astonishing revelation when you consider that less than a decade ago, most people in first-world countries were mindlessly saying, “Plastic, please,” when they checked out at their local grocery stores. 

This is an excellent example of a minor, sustainable change that can make a big difference over time. 

ReVert Tech has invented a device that will help you make small, sustainable changes every day through the use of one of the coolest smart home devices on the market, if we do say so ourselves. And we do. 

Teak Cube - Best Smart Home Device

The Teak Smartplug Outlet helps you save big on your energy costs while also reducing your carbon footprint at home. Win-win! 

All you need to do is plug the devices you already use into outlets you already have and let the Teak do the energy saving for you. The Teak comes in the form of a cube. The cube contains six different plug-ins. You can keep the cube intact and use it as a power station or energy hub—or you can take it apart and plug it into outlets throughout your home. 

Then you plug your devices into the Teak outlets and watch your energy bills decrease. Easy peasy!

What makes the Teak a must-have smart home device is not only that it’s easy to use, but it actively saves you money while also helping you become an energy-saving hero for the planet. 

The Best Smart Home Device for Planet Heroes

Once you’ve chosen which sockets to plug your devices into, the smart plugs will do the rest of the work for you. 

We use artificial intelligence to determine the hours between which you use your devices and then give you the option to allow Teak to power those devices down completely when they aren’t in use. This cuts down on the “standby” electricity loss associated with your devices when you aren’t engaging with them at all. The scarier term for this power consumption is phantom electricity. It’s estimated that 10% of your energy bill goes toward phantom load. That’s a lot of wasted energy! 

For example, do you watch your Smart TV between 1 am and 4 am? Most people don’t. (It’s okay if you do-—no judgment here!). The Teak artificial intelligence program will sense that you don’t usually watch during this time and it will ask you for permission via your smartphone to cut power to that device. If you say yes, it follows your instructions and automatically powers the TV down every night for you. 

Other Best Smart Home Devices for Tech Lovers

smart home - best smart home devices


There are several other top smart home devices you may want to add to your home, along with your energy saving Teak Smart Power Cube. Here are some top choices by category:


  • Smart speakers: Devices such as the Amazon Echo (4th Gen) and Google Nest Mini are top choices for smart speakers. They can tell you a recipe, play music, and connect to your lights and other devices so you can control them with verbal commands.
  • Smart displays: The Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) and the Amazon Echo Show 8 rank as top smart display devices. Smart displays allow you to see the person you’re chatting with, and they connect to cameras and smart doorbells.
  • Smart lights: Philips Hue is rated one of the top smart light brands for its wide variety of lights from interior to exterior. It integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit.
  • Home security: The Arlo Pro 4 is a top-rated smart home security system that integrates with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit. It provides clear footage with automatic zooming and motion tracking.

Other smart devices to automate your home include everything from thermostats, doorbells and more. Each device simplifies your life in one way or another.

Why Teak is a Must-Have Smart Home Device


There are myriad choices we can make daily when it comes to mindfully pursuing a green lifestyle. Most of those choices are active. We choose to turn the water off while brushing our teeth, volunteer for cleanups in our communities, or walk to work a few days a week. 

What makes the Teak smart home device different is that it provides you with a consistent way to protect the planet’s resources daily without having to worry about unplugging your electronics every day. No more phantom load. Just energy when you need it and no energy when you don’t!

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