Smart Plug Uses

Wouldn’t it be cool to never touch a light switch and still be able to turn the light off? Thanks to smart plugs, what seemed like magic 8 years ago is now a mundane task over the phone. In fact, you don’t even need to toggle on a phone app anymore. Just speak to Alexa or Google Smart Home to get it done. 

With smart plugs becoming more prevalent and their capabilities upgraded, people have found creative ways to use them. In this article, we will introduce what is a smart plug, what are smart plug uses, and how they can improve our lives. 

What is a Smart Plug? 

what is a smart plug. smart plug uses

The smart plug is a device with a signal receiver and a power control switch embedded in its circuit. It allows the user to turn plugged in devices on and off over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, via a phone or tablet. 

To set it up, plug it into an outlet and then connect it to your Wi-Fi (with a phone or tablet). Then, plug any wired home device, be it lamp or a computer, into your smart plug and you’ve gained the ability to send signals to the smart plug and control power delivered to plugged-in devices on your phone from wherever you are.

What makes a Smart plug “Smart?”

What makes a smart plug “smart” isn’t just this remote control capability. It’s the app and what the user can do with it. There are 3 levels of smartness:

  1. Level 1: you turn devices on and off remotely on a phone
  2. Level 2: Level 1 + you can turn devices on or off via voice command and schedule specific times or time intervals to keep them on or off
  3. Level 3: First 2 levels + the smart plug being governed by artificial intelligence that guides you with what to do and when to turn power on or off

Let’s unpack each level of smartness in this blog with specific use cases.


Smart Plug Uses


This is the simplest use case, but it’s really handy if, like me, you’d second guess whether you’ve turned the lights off after leaving the home for work or travel. It’s also for folks who, like me, feel lazy about getting out of bed to turn the lights off. So plug your lamp into the smart plug. Leave the lamp always on at the switch and then control its on/off via the app. Level 1 smartness and convenience.

Holiday Decoration

Just in time for Christmas. You can plug your festive lights into smart plugs. Then, set a schedule for the decorations to shine over certain times at night and for them to go dark during the day. Better yet, most smart plugs are integrated with Alexa, Siri, and Google Smart home, so you can voice in commands and have it go on auto-pilot. Level 2 smartness for a gleeful Christmas. Or if you like pranks, like me, you can really ambush a trick or treater during Halloween. 


Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

If you are surprised by the fact that many home devices still consume energy after you’ve turned them “off” (i.e., phantom load), then you are in for a real treat. Based on your behavior, a level 3 smart plug will use artificial intelligence to learn when devices are not in use but still drawing electricity under standby mode. Then, the smart plug will bring to your attention to turn off the device during certain intervals of the day. Furthermore, it synthesizes with utility grid data to point out to you when electricity is particularly expensive and is generated from carbon intensive sources. With your permission, the machine will govern and help you minimize energy use across TVs, laptops, desktop computers, printers, gaming consoles, etc. So yep, let the smart plug help you unplug devices, make you money from energy savings, and cut down your carbon emissions. 


The Smartest Plug


keyboard - energy savings

One of the newest developments in energy and carbon saving technologies is the Teak Smart Power Cube from ReVert Technologies. 


Technically, the Teak Smart Power Cube has six level 3 smart outlets and is not a single outlet plug. However, you don’t have to keep the cube intact and use it as a power hub in one central location. It is modular, so you can take it apart and plug the outlets throughout your home.   

Once plugged in, Teak will gather information about the hours in which you use each of your devices. Next, it will communicate your usage to your smart phone and send you notifications that specify the hours you use your device and ask you if it can completely power your device down during the hours you don’t use it. 


The Teak powers down your devices when they aren’t in use so they aren’t drawing electricity from your local power grid. Consequently, this small cube instantly saves you money each month and reduces your carbon footprint. 


Additionally, the Teak Smart Power Cube is a configurable, AI-enabled smart power extender. Some of the added features include:

  •   AI driven energy management software
  •   Energy data analytics with localized electricity cost and grid data
  •   Hardware eliminating cord tangling
  •   Voice control


This new product is the best smart plug for reducing your energy and carbon footprint. It is the simplest way to save money each month. Because AI drives it, it smoothly regulates energy-saving and saves you money without lifting a finger!


Final Thoughts on Smart Plugs

smart plugs - smart plug uses

Smart plugs are not just Sci-Fi and gimmicky. There are many smart plug uses that can creatively make our lives easier. Better yet, they can help you save both your wallet and the planet.

ReVert Tech is dedicated to eco-friendly products that add zero waste to the environment. We also believe in transparency. You can read about the Teak Smart Power Cube here. Please get in touch with further questions.


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