Most of us are mindful about saving our planet’s natural resources. Yet, most things are built to make you consume more, and not enough to help you conserve.  Our family of power outlets along powered by our AI are built to save energy and make eco-friendly choices for you. We believe that the “conserver” in you deserves a personal assistant on your quest to reduce waste and to live and work sustainably.


Ryan met Joe at Yale University in 2019. The two shared a passion on sustainability and an idea to apply artificial intelligence to reduce energy waste for people and businesses. The pair went to work in dorms and garages, assembling what was the “home depot” version of the minimum viable product.


With prototyping support from Rev Ithaca Startup Works, the original minimum viable product evolved. by the end of summer 2022, what was a concept has become the patented Teak Smart Cube, a versatile, space efficient, super intelligent power adapter for your home and office.


In fall of 2022, we had our debut on Kickstarter, became a project we love, and had a smashing success both during and after the campaign. The conservers’ community was born.


With backing and mentor’s help from Techstars, we began serving businesses. Our offering also transformed from an energy saving widget to a full plug load energy management solution.

Along with increased sales, we needed to scale production up considerably. We were fortunate to find Alternative Manufacturing Inc in the state of Maine. First production run clocked in during August 2023 and it was successful!


Two years of hard work turned an idea into reality. Yet, somehow it feels like we are just getting started. Our team is growing and so is the conservers’ community. The movement to reduce waste is here to stay. We’ll be with you on this journey, turning things off for people, businesses, and our planet.

Meet Our Team

Ryan Li

Co-founder & CEO

Joe Lybik

Co-founder & CTO

Denise Katzman


Deanna Kocher

Head of Product

Theodore Ward

Software Engineer

Hao Zhen

Electrical Engineer

Albert Gan

Industrial Design

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