Most of us are mindful about conserving our planet’s natural resources. Mindfulness inspires simplicity.


  • We turn the water off when we brush our teeth.
  • We choose to bike to work a couple days a week.
  • We carry reusable water bottles as opposed to routinely using plastic. 


Sustainability begins as a frame of mind—the perspective that we can invest in our planet and in future generations by making smart choices today. 


Perspectives lead to actions.


The action we’ve taken to make sustainable choices simple, lead to the Teak Smart Cube, using artificial intelligence to deliver reliable power when you need it and shutting it off when you don’t.  

Below is our journey to stop devices from leeching energy at the power outlet.



To us, the Teak Cube is our debut - our bold declaration that sustainable living implies neither an austere lifestyle nor paying exorbitant prices. Instead, we work closely with like-minded manufacturers, leverage frontier technology for intelligent design, and thoughtfully analyze product life cycle to make eco-friendly and economic choices available to you. 

Meet the Founders

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