Sees the Invisible

Teak shows you the sources of energy you are consuming from the local grid and tracks carbon emissions of plugged-in devices anywhere in the nation! Curious about how much solar, wind, coal, natural gas, and nuclear energies consumed each week? Don't look up, look here at the energy compass.

Does the Impossible

Studies have shown that nearly all home electronics will continue to leech energy after you've turned them "off." We don't want to pay $150+ a year for devices not in use, but we also don't want to physically plug and unplug them each time. That's why Teak and it's AI "eMission Control" is here to do the deed for you. No disruptions to your lifestyle and yet 10% of your electricity bill is saved. Just plug things in Teak and its that simple.

Smarter Than Smart

The cube performs everything you'd expect from a typical smart plug: voice control with Alexa or Google smart home, schedule setting to turns things on and off, etc. We are extra proud of Teak's unique ability to track device usage, compute carbon emissions, and most importantly identify and implement energy saving tactics for you effortlessly with AI!

Teak is not just the software

Is it a Rubik's cube? The Tesseract? A modular surge protector? We've tinkered Teak (patent pending) just for you. Find out why its going to be cubic future!

  • Computer with keyboard, laptop and Teak cube by ReVert Tech

    4AC + 2USB Central Power Hub

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Introducing the Best Smart Plug Outlet

We don’t mean to brag, we’re just confident that the Teak Smart Power Cube will help you save electricity on plugged-in devices and reduce your carbon footprint at home. Simply put, it allows you to keep your devices plugged in all the time—but uses artificial intelligence to help you manage when you need power to flow to your device and when you don’t. It’s the smartest and best smart plug outlet on the market. 

To get more technical about it, Teak is a modular, configurable, AI-enabled smart power extender (patent pending) that was designed, programmed, and made here in the USA.

We named it after the Teak Tree (Tectona Grandis). As those who often venture into nature know, the Teak Tree inspires awe with its formidable resistance to the elements and endurance. Because of its unparalleled durability, we’ve turned to the Teak Tree as a symbol of sustainability and the Teak Cube as the building block to a low carbon future.

A Device That's Turned "Off" Is Still Leeching Energy

How Teak Works as the Best Smart Plug Outlet

Energy Saving Devices

Energy-saving devices don’t have to be complicated, especially when technology today allows the machine to intelligently do the work for us. At ReVert Technology, we pride ourselves on leaning into the conservation of beauty and protection of our natural resources by deploying the most cutting edge technologies on common home appliances. The rectangular power strip hasn’t changed for decades and its time for a futuristic redesign. Teak is our debut and the first of many inventions to come!

Join our quest to conserve energy, reduce waste, and live in the future! With Teak, we are on a mission to accomplish the following in a year's time:

money, power and co2 saved from the Teak cube by ReVert Tech