Introducing the Best Smart Plug Outlet

We don’t mean to brag, we’re just confident that the Teak Smart Cube will help you save electricity on plugged-in devices and reduce your carbon footprint at home. Simply put, it allows you to keep your devices plugged in all the time—but uses artificial intelligence to help you manage when you need power to flow to your device and when you don’t. It’s the smartest and best smart plug outlet on the market. 

We named it after the Teak Tree (Tectona Grandis). As those who often venture into nature know, the Teak Tree inspires awe with its formidable resistance to the elements and endurance. Because of its unparalleled durability, we’ve turned to the Teak Tree as a symbol of sustainability and the Teak Cube as the building block to a low carbon future.

Preorders at early bird prices are available on Kickstarter until 9/30/2022. Snatch a cube at a deal before they run out!