gadgets for the home

Gadgets for the Home

  • 22 December, 2021
  • Ryan Li

It’s that time of the year to look at what to upgrade for the home so we live better, safer, healthier, and greener in 2022! Let’s go room by room to pick which gadgets for the home you should add to your wishlist.

Gadgets for the Home

First is the Door

smart lock

This year the door just got 10 times smarter. Never thought I’d say that, but check out video doorbells and smart locks. The former helps you answer the door on the phone and the latter lets you make keyless entry and exit. Both are critical components not only for convenience but also for security. You could get seriously addicted in watching what doorbells film and how these devices combine to fend off theft and intrusions to your property.

Next is the Thermostat

As you enter the room, the house has already warmed up to just the way you like it. Smart thermostats allow you to set and schedule temperatures via the phone. It also learns what you like over time and helps you manage room temperature when you are there and away. The most recognizable thermostat is of course Nest.

Washing Hands

The pandemic made washing hands first order of business after you’ve entered the room. You don’t need to touch the faucet. Just speak to it. Water, adjusted for the perfect temperature you are used to and the perfect volume you need, will come out. In addition to simply offering a touchless hand washing experience, the sensors also detect leaks. Plenty of options that are not only smart but beautiful.

Vacuuming the Room

smart vacuum - gadgets for the home

Just when you feel like maybe it’s time to clean the room to welcome guests for a holiday gathering, a little robot glides across the living room carpet, sucking up dust, pet hairs, and all kinds of debris. Then, it docks into its own dustbin and empties the load. No more dirt bags, no more tripping over wires, and you don’t have to lift a finger from start to finish. Check out some of the latest and greatest.

Managing Power 

Well, how about commanding Alexa or Google Smart Home to turn on your home entertainment and get in the mood for the festivities? You got it. Smart plugs and power strips can help you do that through either the app or voice control. Simply plug in devices to the smart outlets and off you go. Better yet, this smart plug outlet uses AI to turn devices off when you are done, saving 10% of your electricity bill. You may think you’ve turned power off with the button, but devices like the TV are only put into standby and are still leeching power from the utility grid. So check out Teak Smart Power Cube, which looks and also works like a Rubik’s cube!

Teak Power Cube - Gadgets for the home


Gadgets for the Home are Getting Smarter and Smarter

Gadgets for the home don’t just compete in aesthetic or quality. There is a new dimension, which is interconnectivity and intelligence, or in other words “smartness.” So check out the lists of cool things we recommended in this article. As we embrace a sci-fi 2022, where magic carpets fly and toilets launch rockets in the sky! 

ReVert Tech is dedicated to eco-friendly products that add zero waste to the environment. We also believe in transparency. You can read about the Teak Smart Power Cube here. Please get in touch with further questions.


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